The Museum

Mission statement

11150681_1063063743707193_917885828045383648_nMaison Gabrielle-Roy’s mandate is to make available to its community and to visitors from around the world a museum that honours Gabrielle Roy, that furthers knowledge of her work, and that protects a cultural heritage.

Maison Gabrielle-Roy is a museum whose mission is to preserve the memory of one of the great Canadian writers and to keep alive the echoes of her personality and her work. Maison Gabrielle-Roy is, therefore, a heritage building, and a major attraction for tourists to Manitoba. However, the Maison is intended to be more than a museum; by celebrating Gabrielle Roy’s legacy – writing – the museum declares its commitment to its community’s culture and identity. It intends to play an active role in the cultural life of Manitoba, in particular the French-speaking community.

Board of Directors of Maison Gabrielle-Roy

  • Laurent Gimenez, President
  • Mélanie Jichuk, Vice-President
  • Jules Chartier, Treasurer
  • Anne-Marie Maupertuis, Secretary
  • Christian Morissette, Administrator
  • Josée Paquin, Administrator
  • Laura Sims, Administrator

Personnel of La Maison Gabrielle-Roy
Robert Nicolas, Director
Telephone: 204 231-3853
Fax: 204 231-3910

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