Memory and creation

“I was half dreaming, suspended between reality and some call of the imagination or memory. It was then, suddenly, that the land of the Petite-Poule-d’Eau noiselessly awoke from the depths of my recollections. (Memory and Creation, The Fragile Lights of Earth, McClelland and Stewart, p. 188)

Memory retains sounds, colours, images, experiences; it also stores words. It is through language that writers communicate their experiences, whether real or imaginary, to their readers.

At first, Gabrielle Roy wrote directly onto a portable typewriter. She wrote short stories and articles for magazines and newspapers before beginning to write a novel. Later on, in the 1960s, she wrote mostly by hand, in little notebooks, reworking her texts before typing them.

Are you inspired to write? Here are some word games and writing exercises that you can try, and perhaps discover your talent as a writer.

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