La petite chambre. Photo : Robert Barrow, 2006.

The little room. Photo : Robert Barrow, 2006.

“… in the little front room on the third floor, the cherished refuge of my childhood rediscovered when I was twenty-two, the little attic room where I’d been visited by my early reveries. Those workings of my imagination, I know now, had been rich and nebulous enough to nourish a whole lifetime.” (Enchantment and Sorrow, Lester & Orpen Dennys Publishers, p. 107)

Gabrielle lived in this little room until she left for Europe in 1937. She would hide herself away in this space, to be able to read, write and dream in solitude. Here, we invite you to make the acquaintance of some of her novels. Her books, written while she was living in Quebec, have international appeal… and most of them are set in Manitoba or the Canadian West. You will find the books in these “discovery boxes”; you can also listen to two short stories, set right here in this room in the family house on Deschambault Street.

“The intriguing thing about the life of a book and that of its author is this: as soon as the book exists even vaguely in the far corners of the unconscious, everything that happens to the author, every emotion, practically every feeling and experience contributes to the book, enters and becomes part of it, like the water from a river’s tributaries throughout the river’s length. (Enchantment and Sorrow, Lester & Orpen Dennys Publishers, p.182)

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