Chronology of facts

The house celebrated its 100th anniversary!

The restoration begins in the fall; the year 1918 is chosen as the year to be reflected by the house.

The Maison Gabrielle-Roy Corporation buys the house from Trevor Uruski with plans to restore it. The plans are developed by the architectural firm Gaboury, Préfontaine, Perry. A visit to the Bernier house helps the architect, Cindy Chow, in her work.

Trevor Uruski buys the house from Edmond Degagné. The attic window is replaced with larger windows and a variety of other changes were made. He also redid the plumbing system.

Edmond Degagné buys the house from Marcien Émond; no changes are made.

Now a widow, Mrs. Saint-Germain sells the house to Marcien Émond. In order to transform the attic into an apartment, Marcien Émond has a window built by opening the east side of the roof. He replaces the beams in the basement and redoes the floor in the summer kitchen. He has a new plumbing system installed and reconstructs the verandah based on one of the columns he found in the basement.

The staircase in the vestibule is removed and Mrs. Saint-Germain has another staircase leading to the first floor built at the rear of the house. Demolition of the verandah begins; two porches are built on the south side of the house.

A central water heating system is installed. For this, Léon had to sell one of the parcels of land he owned in Saskatchewan. Having lost his job in 1916, finances were tight and Mrs. Roy wanted to have boarders. Prior to the central water heating system, a wood stove on each floor heated the house.

Construction on the house begins; Zénon Landry, Mélina Roy’s brother, is in charge of the project.

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