The Gabrielle-Roy house is pleased to invite the public to come visit the temporary exhibit “the Tin Flute”

qQuwDdFcsr46IoMN5LCBL4hyIN76UfhxvJDD3G6sJfw=w1005-h567A temporary exhibit was created in honor of the 70th anniversary the publication of the novel “Bonheur d’occasion”. Translated in English as “The Tin flute”, it was Gabrielle Roy’s first book and it quickly launched her to fame in 1945. This temporary exhibit will include some artifacts related to the book including a print copy of the first edition by Edition Pascal (1945) and the first English translation from 1947. Visitors will also have the opportunity to contemplate a small clothing collection from 1940-1945 which includes a waitress outfit from the 5-10-15 café, a military uniform from the second world war, the green velvet wedding dress of Florentine and a small exhibit of fashionable hats.

The Maison Gabrielle-Roy also made available to the public a number of photo archives. These archives include then and now pictures of different areas from where the story took place in Montreal, a picture of Gabrielle in front of the St-Henry station after the publication of her book and a few pictures from our recent brunch event which was also in celebration of the 70th anniversary.

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